Frankfurt Airport is building its new Terminal 3 with a building management system based on BACnet® communication (ISO 16484-5). BACnet is the brand for networked systems and for the exclusion of inefficient isolated solutions. It is vendor-independent and ensures a seamless integration of the entire building services.

For the first time ever the BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU) is extending invitations to facility managers, operators and suppliers to a conference that specifically addresses the concerns of airports. The Airport Conference takes into account the complexity, performance and rapid growth of airports from a technical, economic and environmental perspective.

In many extension projects BACnet plays a key role in the technical management. BACnet is the cornerstone to meeting specific requirements such as efficient operability, easy operation, and consistent alarm management. Therefore, at an increasing number of airports, the global communication standard has become an enabler for investment security and reliable building operation.

BACnet application know-how is available from BIG-EU members including Frankfurt Airport. At the Airport Conference we would like to share what we have learnt with the entire industry. Facility managers, airport operators and the technical management will greatly profit from discussing what they have experienced.

Target Audience

The BACnet Airport Conference is a unique place to be for airport operators, airport facility managers, technical managers and airport planners, integrators and consultants from all over Europe.

Attendees are CEOs, vice presidents, directors, technical officers, decision makers and experts who are responsible for

  • airport infrastructure,
  • facility operation and design,
  • smart grids and energy management,
  • building automation and building management,
  • system integration, connectivity and IT,
  • energy efficiency and environmental services.

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